What is the MED-Project?

MED-Project is the entity implementing the Product Stewardship Plan, including the education and outreach programming.

What should I do if I am having a medical emergency?

If you are having a medical emergency, contact emergency medical services immediately by dialing 911.

What should I do if I think I have ingested something poisonous?

If you think you have ingested something poisonous, contact emergency services immediately. Please dial 911 or contact your local poison control center.

What should I do if my pet has ingested medication?

If you believe your pet may have ingested human or animal medication not intended for consumption by your pet, please contact your veterinarian or local animal poison control hotline.

Whom should I call with a question about my medication?

Please direct all questions about your medication to your health care provider.

Where can I find information about the safe storage of medication?

You should follow any storage instructions provided by your healthcare provider and any written instructions provided with your medication or listed on its packaging.

In addition, many government agencies provide information regarding safe storage of medication. Possible sources include the National Institutes of Health’s information page and the Center for Disease Control’s information page.

Where can I find information about California’s Prop 65?

California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) provides information regarding Proposition 65. Information can be accessed via OEHHA’s Proposition 65 web site, available here.

Can I flush my medication down the toilet?

Do not flush medications down the toilet.

Should I remove my personal information before disposing of my medication?

Please remove all personal and identifying information from your medication labels and/or its packaging before disposal.

Where are the MED-Project disposal locations nearest me?

MED-Project is providing disposal locations throughout the County. For more information about the location nearest to you, please visit the "Convenient Locations" portion of the MED-Project web site, or call the hotline at 1-844-MED-PROJECT.

Will it cost me anything to dispose of my expired or unwanted medications?

There will be no fee for medication disposal charged at the point of collection.

How do I dispose of my unwanted medicines?

Kiosks accept medications in any dosage form in their original container or sealed bag. No herbal remedies, vitamins, supplements, cosmetics or other personal care products; compressed cylinders, aerosols, and inhalers; medical devices; sharps; illicit drugs; or iodine-containing medications will be accepted. If you do transfer your medications to a sealed bag, please be sure to recycle all remaining packaging.

Will there be any take-back events in my area?

Please visit the MED-Project website or dial the hotline at 1-844-MED-PROJECT to learn about take-back events in your area.

I am disabled and homebound and am unable to go to a kiosk or attend a take-back event. How can I dispose of my expired or unwanted medicine?

Please dial the hotline at 1-844-MED-PROJECT or visit the mail-back page of the MED-Project website to request a pre-paid envelope to return your unwanted or expired medicine.

Where else can I find information about the safe disposal of expired or unwanted medicines?

Several government agencies provide information regarding safe disposal of medication. Please refer to the FDA's website for more information: "Consumer Updates: How to Dispose of Unused Medicines".

I have a question not answered by this website. Is there someone I can contact with a question about MED-Project?

For more information, please dial the hotline at 1-844-MED-PROJECT.