Convenient Locations

Community kiosk drop-off sites allow Residents of San Luis Obispo to bring expired or unwanted medicines and sharps to a free, convenient location for proper disposal.


ACCEPTED: Medications in any dosage form, except for those identified as Not Accepted below, in their original container or sealed bag.

NOT ACCEPTED: Herbal remedies, vitamins, supplements, cosmetics, other personal care products, medical devices, batteries, mercury-containing thermometers, sharps, illicit drugs, and pet pesticide products.

If transferring medications to a sealed bag, please be sure to recycle remaining packaging.


ACCEPTED: Sharps (such as hypodermic needles, pen needles, pre-loaded sharps, auto-injectors, intravenous needles, lancets, and other devices used to penetrate the skin for drawing blood or for the delivery of medicines) contained in U.S. Food and Drug Administration-cleared sharps containers.

NOT ACCEPTED: Controlled substances, unwanted medicines not contained in sharps, and loose sharps that are not contained in U.S. Food and Drug Administration-cleared sharps containers.

All sharps disposal containers should be made of heavy-duty plastic; able to close with a tight-fitting, puncture resistant lid without sharps being able to come out; upright and stable during use; leak-resistant; and properly labeled as “sharps waste” or with the biohazard symbol and the word “BIOHAZARD” to warn of hazardous materials inside the container.

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