Mail Back


Mail-Back Services for expired or unwanted medicines are available, free of charge, to all residents upon request. Medications in any dosage form, except for those identified as Not Accepted below, in their original container or sealed bag are accepted. Home healthcare professionals providing services to residents may request a Mail-Back Package on their behalf.

NOTE: The following items are not accepted in Medicine Mail-Back Envelopes: Herbal remedies, vitamins, supplements, cosmetics, other personal care products, medical devices, batteries, mercury-containing thermometers, sharps, illicit drugs, and inhalers.

If transferring medications to a sealed bag, please be sure to recycle remaining packaging.


Mail-Back Services for pre-filled injector products are available to all residents upon request.

NOTE: Injector Mail-Back Packages can only be used for pre-filled injector products and cannot be used for inhalers or other types of unwanted medicines or items.

Please complete the below form to request a pre-paid, pre-addressed mail-back package. Instructions for disposal will be provided with all mail-back services. Please submit separate forms for each type of mail-back package.

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